Build A Face Oil Kit

Build A Face Oil Kit

Unlock the power of personalisation with our Build-Your-Own Face Oil Kit. Tailor your skincare experience by hand picking 5x plant-based ingredients for your unique needs. Each kit can make up to 2x 45mL face oil blends and comes with everything you need to create a custom spa like ritual and achieve radiant, healthy-looking skin.

Choose Your Ingredients: 3 Carrier Oils + 2 Essential Oils

Accessories Included: Each kit comes with a Step-by-Step Recipe Guide, Mini Funnel and 50mL Refill Glass Bottle

Refills: Can make approx. 2 x 45ml Face Oil blends

How to use: Apply 3-4 drops as a finishing touch to seal in hydration after your moisturiser.

Warning: Essential Oils must be diluted with carrier oils prior to applying to skin. Patch test always recommended before use. Please follow our step-by-step recipe guide to blend your DIY face oil safely.

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