Our Top Clay Picks According to Your Skin Type

Around here, it’s no secret that we love to keep it natural. In fact, it doesn’t get much more natural than one of our favourite ingredients: clay.

As it happens, earth-derived clays are actually incredibly rich in minerals and other nutrients skin loves. They’re also naturally purifying, helping to pull dirt and bacteria from the pores and absorb excess oil.

Perhaps even more exciting news is that different types of clay possess different properties, meaning you can target various skincare concerns, simply by choosing your clay ingredients accordingly. Here’s what you need to know:

Pink French Argile Clay

  • Who it’s for: Sensitive skin types and those who struggle with dry skin will love pink clay, as it works wonders to reduce redness and calm inflammation, while also supporting hydration and repair. 
  • The benefits: Rich in silica, pink clay has been linked to improving skin renewal and elasticity. A synergistic combination of soothing properties and gentle exfoliation provided by the clay makes for smooth, supple skin. 

Red Brazilian Clay

  • Who it’s for: For oily skin, red clay is an ideal option due to its ability to absorb dirt, debris, bacteria, and blackheads. It is also anti-inflammatory, making it a good support post-breakout.

  • The benefits: The mineral crystals in red clay are said to reduce toxins and combat environmental damage. Additionally, it is a favourable choice for balancing skin because it is non-drying. 

White Kaolin Australia Clay

  • Who it’s for: White clay can be used by all skin types for overall skin health and maintenance. It is considered one of the best for mature skin, thanks to its mild skin softening and exfoliating properties. 
  • The benefits: By providing gentle polishing and purification for the skin, white clay helps to buff away dead or unhealthy surface skin and reveals your natural radiance. The result is a softer and more youthful-looking complexion. 

Green French Argile Clay

  • Who it’s for: Green clay is an ingredient that multitasks, making it appropriate for a number of skin types. It can help with soothing redness and irritation, as well as reviving dull or stressed skin. 
  • The benefits: With perks for cleansing, purifying, and polishing the skin, green clay is a good all around option that is gentle enough for most. It leaves the skin feeling fresh, rejuvenated and glowing. 


Other Important Things To Know

Understanding the many benefits of clay and the unique benefits of each type, ALMND’s products incorporate all of these incredible clays in our holistic line of self care essentials. All formulas are clean & natural and every ingredient has been chosen to support your best skin health and wellness.

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