The Benefits Of Using Face Oils

For taking your skincare to the next level, one of our favorite steps to add to any daily ritual is a facial oil. Derived primarily from plant-based sources, botanical oils have been trending in skincare in recent years and with good reason. Curious as to what all the buzz is about? Here’s what you need to know:


The Benefits of Using a Facial Oil

So why are facial oils so fabulous for the skin? There are actually many reasons! Depending on your skin type and concerns, you can easily customize your face oils to target your skin’s unique needs. Still not convinced? Let’s talk about a few of the biggest perks: 

  • Youth Boosting - An often overlooked benefit of facial oils is how wonderful they are for maintaining the overall health of mature skin. Because the skin’s natural oil production slows down with age, regularly supplementing your routine with a facial oil helps to deeply moisturize the skin. This is very effective for helping wrinkles as well as promoting plump, soft and supple skin. A few favourite oils for youth boosting include rosehip and sweet almond. 
  • Skin Balancing - A common misconception is that people with an oily or combination skin type shouldn’t use facial oils because their skin already produces excess oil. However, this is actually not the case. Facial oils can actually be very helpful for treating oily as they can help to rebalance the skin’s oil production cycles. Additionally, facial oils can be used to soothe and calm inflamed or irritated skin, by helping to rebuild the skin’s protective barrier. One of the best oils for balance is jojoba, which closely mimic the skin’s natural sebum. 
  • Glow Enhancing - Another undeniable side effect of nourishing your skin with facial oils is a naturally bright and healthy complexion. By infusing your skin with nutrient rich botanical oils, you help to nurture it with all the nutrition needed to promote healthy turnover, rejuvenation and long lasting radiance. The result is luminous skin that glows from within. A good go-to for glow is avocado oil. 


A Few Pointers for Using Face Oils

So how should you use facial oil for best results? Here are some answers to your common questions. 

Q: When should face oil be used?

A: Facial oils can be used in the morning, evening or both. If your skin is dry or mature, twice daily may be appropriate. However, if you struggle with oily or combination once per day or even every couple of days may be enough. 

Q: Should oil be used before or after moisturiser?

A: As a general rule, products should be applied in order of thinnest consistency to thickest. However, most skincare pros suggest that oil should be applied as a finishing touch to seal in hydration after your moisturiser. You could also consider adding a few drops of oil to your favourite moisturiser and blending the two together, for an ultra pampering moisture treatment. 

Q: What is the best way to apply oil?

A: Experts say oil is best applied by lightly patting it onto the skin. If you are a fan of facial massage, oil makes a great medium. Just be sure to always use a very light touch. Never aggressively pull or tug on the skin and massage just until the oil begins to absorb. 

Q: How many drops of oil do you need?

A: With most facial oils, a little goes a long way. A good place to start is with just a few drops (about 3-4). Then, if your skin still feels dry or in need of more nourishment, you can always add more. 


Other Important Things to Know

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