Fantastic Flora: A Few Ways To Add Floral Waters To Your Skincare

Looking for an easy way to up level your skincare? In our opinion, one of the most underrated enhancements in natural skincare is floral waters!

Beautiful botanical floral waters offer many benefits both in terms of skin support and a touch of aromatherapy from real flowers. They’re also very versatile to add to any beauty routine. A few ideas we love for using them include:


Idea #1: Turn floral water into a natural toner – Both of ALMND’s floral waters – Lavender and Rose – provide gentle hydration which can be used in place of toner, to prep the skin before layering on other products. This can be done by patting a few drops of product directly onto the skin following cleansing. You may also enjoy adding a few more drops as a finishing step to set makeup, if desired.

Idea #2: Upgrade your everyday products with flower power – If you just can’t get enough of floral water's subtly sweet scent, consider mixing a few drops in with other products such as moisturiser, lotion or a face mask. Rose and lavender are known to support calm and balanced skin, making them a perfect addition to any formula. You can even use them in your own DIY recipes, mixing elements such as our plant powders and clays, to create your own customised treatment.

Idea #3: Add floral water to a bath for a spa-like experience – If you love to draw a hot bath at the end of a long day, you will love the way a few drops of floral water can provide added enhancement, alongside bath salts and soaks. The aromas of rose and lavender are some of the best for promoting relaxation and a calm mind. Bonus: you can even mix the two to create a beautiful bouquet of fragrance.


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